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This oil comes from century-old mission olive trees. The first olive trees in California were brought by Franciscan monks over 200 years ago, who journeyed along the coast on their trek to establish missions. The trees adapted well to the Mediterranean climate of Northern California and produced what are now known as Mission Olives. 

Our orchards are located next to Table Mountain in Oroville. This volcanically enriched soil combined with the Northern California climate has produced strong, healthy, Mission olive trees. Even after a century of harvests these trees are still producing award-winning olive oil that has a remarkable buttery, smooth taste making it an excellent oil to cook with and easily infuse with flavors such as lemon, jalapeño, garlic and blood orange.

We recently acquired these orchards that have been producing such high-quality oil.  In the past, this oil has been sold under other names and has consistently won awards in major competitions.  Now we are branching out under our own name and branding. Making available quality, pure olive oil to local businesses and individuals is our goal. We are currently at local farmers markets and events.


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